Having a vacation home is rewarding and exciting, but owning a property from which you are absent for long periods also incurs a certain amount of risk.

But that risk does not need to translate into more worries for you. After all, you certainly did not purchase a vacation home to increase your stress level!

To assuage your concerns, you just need to hire a reliable and professional home watch team in Palm Desert, CA to ensure its security and safety from the natural elements, unforeseen accidents, and theft or vandalism.

Since you’re on vacation, you’d rather your time to unwind and relax at your destination of choice, rather than be overwhelmed by unexpected issues and being overwhelmed with repairs or maintenance tasks.

Should You Have A Checklist For Home Watch Services?

Yes! A thorough and complete checklist is essential for a successful home watch relationship.

This will assure that your team of service members are aware of all safety and maintenance checks of your holiday home.

However, every reputable home watch service company should offer an exhaustive checklist that they can discuss and customize to fit your unique needs.

Here are the three most important home-watch checkpoints you should be sure to include on your checklist.

Weather & Water Damage Evaluation

Your property can suffer serious water damage when left unattended for long periods.

You could face expensive repair and maintenance costs if your home is not maintained regularly and thorough home evaluations to look at the walls, windows, basements, and the roof to pinpoint and fix any leaks or damage before it’s too late.

A professional home-watch team will carefully inspect your vacation residence to ensure there aren’t any plumbing problems or water damage to ceiling boards or walls etc.

Standard Maintenance & Repair Check 

A good home security company will look over plumbing and electrical system thoroughly throughout your house.

It is also important to check water pipes, power sockets, and lights to make sure that everything is in working condition when you are away.

The team can coordinate with you if there are any issues, contact plumbers and/or electricians to make repairs on your behalf, grant access to your home, and supervise repair efforts.

Infestation & Pest Prevention

Many pests can take up residence in your vacation home in your absence from the property. 

Insects and rodents can establish a real stronghold if their presence goes unnoticed and undeterred for long periods. 

Ask your home watch service provider to check for all signs of infestation and use approved preventative methods to stop pests from settling into your vacation home.

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