Make Your Next Family Get-Together a Success with Concierge Services

Family get-togethers can be stressful. Even the families that have the best of relationships with their close and extended families can experience the stress of planning or hosting a major family get-together. 

If you are in charge of your father’s birthday this year or are just trying to make the next family reunion a success, we can help you here at On Point  Concierge with our concierge services.

Our concierge services are great for individuals who need some extra assistance during a time like this because we can assist you in almost any way possible. We have experts in party planning on staff who can help you plan entertainment or figure out some fun tours in the area for a larger group of people. 

If you have an intimate party for your family right away, special concierge services can help you get ready for a crowd of services, from personal shopping for your foodstuffs to making sure that your pets are looked after during this time.

We can even find a suitable border for your pets if they need to be out of the way for extended periods. No matter what you need, our concierge services can help you get it accomplished.

If you have a family get-together coming up for a birthday, holiday, reunion, or just because you miss your family, our concierge services are here to help. 

We can ensure that, rather than feeling stressed about the state of your home or the menu, when your doorbell rings you will be able to feel excitement and enjoyment rather than anxiety. 
Contact us today and enjoy your next family get-together with the help of our concierge services.

From our team to yours, we keep you in our thoughts, prayers, and hearts and we are thankful for each of you. May blessings be yours this Thanksgiving.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Water Damage and How to Prevent It

Living in Coachella Valley, we are no strangers to water. While we love the beaches and the pools that cool us off on a hot day, water is not always a good thing, especially for our homes. Water damage is the second most common cause of home insurance claims in the United States and the most common home insurance claim in the state of California.

As the percentage of most home insurance claims has been static or decreasing, the percentage of water claims is increasing! It is important to understand how to actively take steps to prevent water damage from occurring in your home as well as steps you can take to help mitigate the damage if it does.

Our goal at Coachella Valley Home Watch is to introduce you to different types of water damage, where your home is most vulnerable, and some critical steps you should take to protect it.

Types of Water Damage

In our houses, there may be several different sorts of water damages, and the way these different types can grow and affect our homes is crucial to know.

Clean Water Damage

The most common type of water in our homes, this water is uncontaminated and originates from a pipe or rain.

Black Water Damage

Water is polluted with hazardous materials, such as sewer waste. This type of water damage commonly occurs from sewer pipe leaks. It is the most dangerous type of water damage as it often contains harmful bacteria.

Grey Water Damage

This is water that is contaminated with soaps or chemicals, typically originating from appliances.

Where Water Damage Comes From

Different areas of the country are more susceptible to different types of water damage than others, for example in Coachella Valley one of the most common types of water damage arises from the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Condition) system. Due to the tropical climate we face, the HVAC is running almost constantly throughout the year putting our HVAC units under a lot of stress. 

These units must be maintained year-round to avoid future issues. 

A minimum of HVAC unit inspections should be carried out every year, although many service providers propose semi annual inspections, including appropriate examination. This should be done immediately before the summer.

What to look for when checking an HVAC system

When HVAC units are leaking it is most often the condensate drain line. If these become clogged the unit will either shut off completely, creating fertile conditions for mold, or begin to overflow.

If you are away for more than a week you should have your home watch service professional inspect this every time they perform a home check. However, this can be very difficult or impossible depending on where the unit is located. Many air handler units in Coachella Valley are in the attic and are not as easily accessible to be inspected. 

The reason air handlers are commonly placed in the basement is to minimize flood problems owing to the construction of many homes in Coachella Valley in flood zones or at low elevations.

You and your HVAC professional should have a plan in place to take care of your HVAC system. Other items to consider are the refrigerant levels and the status of your condensate pump, drain pan, and air filter. These should be examined by your HVAC professional during your routine maintenance check.

Preventing Water Damage

Finally, the easiest way to prevent water damage is to be cognizant of the happenings in your home whenever you are away for a week or more. Here are some of the simple but impactful things we recommend based on our experience at Coachella Valley Home Watch:

Know where your water shut-off valve is

If you’re going on vacation or gone for the season, turn it off and put a lock on it. However, if you are gone for more than a week or so at a time, make sure to have your Home Watch Professional run your water, turn it off when they leave, lock it up, and take a picture of the valve for your peace of mind. We recommend this being done at least once every other week.

Invest in a water leak detector

Water leak detectors are extremely beneficial if you live in a home with older pipes, or just want to keep an eye on your home while you’re away.

Electronic water leak detectors can detect sounds from leaking pipes and warn you when these noises are felt. These detectors can find leaks in water systems, toilet drains, and much more. The quicker you know of the leak, the easier it is to fix it!

Invest in an automatic shutoff valve

Much like a water leak detector, automatic shutoff valves are used to monitor the water coming into your home. However, automatic shutoff valves do this through pressure instead of acoustics. This valve monitors the pressure of your plumbing system and cuts the water off when it detects a pressure imbalance. These valves save many homes from water damage each year and may even get you a discount on your home insurance!

Closing Thoughts

Whether you are a full-time resident or seasonal, keeping a well-maintained home is key to your investment. We have had the opportunity to discuss several different types of water damage, several of the most common ways issues can arise, and steps you can take to prevent or mitigate that damage to protect your home. If you need a home watch exterior, interior, concierge services in Coachella Valley, contact us at Coachella Valley Home Watch!

Condensate Line: How to clean and care?

The Critical Role of Condensate Lines

Everyone knows that an HVAC unit is responsible for keeping the home at the homeowner’s preferred temperature; it’s thought of as the system’s primary role. Equally important, however, is the dehumidification your HVAC unit provides. In older window air conditioning units, the results of this process can frequently be seen dripping from the air conditioner. That water is the moisture being pulled from the hot, humid air inside the home. 

In the kind of home-wide HVAC system referred to as ‘central air,’ letting this condensed moisture just drip isn’t an option. Excessive condensate will not only encourage mold and bacteria growth within the unit and condensate line itself, but it also has the potential to cause structural and cosmetic property damage within your home.  

The solution is for a shallow catch basin, called the drain pan, to fit under the evaporator coils (the parts that do the actual work of cooling). As the air running past the coils is cooled, water builds upon them, the same way it does on the outside of a cold glass on a hot day. 

The drips fall into this drain pan, which directs the water to the condensate line. The flow is then directed to an exterior drain by the condensate line.

Condensate Line and Drain Pan Problems

Condensate Lines and the drain pans that feed them are usually made out of plastic or PVC, which prevents rust from being a problem, but they are still vulnerable to blockage and wear. They do not last forever and must be thoroughly checked and (if necessary) replaced as part of a regular home maintenance schedule. Some issues that can affect your condensate lines and drain pans are; 

  • Buildup of algae 
  • Contamination by mold 
  • Cracks in the plastic lines or drain pan 
  • Environmental debris  
  • Debris from corroded coils 

Doesn’t My HVAC Service Agreement Cover These Issues? 

Routinely having a home watch service company check on any HVAC lines is important. That is why our home watch check includes looking at the condensate lines within reach. If an air handler is too far out of reach, we highly recommend having your technician clean out the lines as part of your service agreement.  

How Do I Prevent This Kind Of Problem? 

The best way to prevent a clogged condensate line is to schedule yearly maintenance, ideally at the beginning of the cooling season. A trained HVAC technician will be able to inspect and clean your system, ensuring that you have a steady flow of cool air. 

Still, there are steps you as a homeowner can take to maintain a clean air conditioner drain. 

Using this 6-step process and ¼ cup of vinegar monthly you can kill any mold, algae, mildew, and other bacteria or fungi that may build up in your air conditioner drain line. 

Cleaning Your Condensate Line

Step: 1 Turn Off Your Air Conditioner

             Turn your system off at both the thermostat and the breaker. 

Step: 2 Locate Your Condensate Drain Line

             Your drain line is a PVC pipe near your outdoor unit and attached to the wall of your house.

Step: 3 StepClean Out the Condensate Line

             Use a wet vac and vacuum the line outside. Hook up the hose and hold it or tape it to the line and turn on the vacuum. 

Step: 4 Identify the Access Point

             Go inside to the AC unit and look for the PVC drain line that runs away from the unit and down towards the wall. Remove the cap of the drain and inspect for any blockage 

*Note: this is not the emergency cut-off valve

Step: 5 Flush with Distilled Vinegar

             Use ¼ cup of distilled white vinegar or peroxide

Step: 6 Let it Sit for 30 Minutes

             Flush the pipe with water to ensure everything is   flowing freely as it should


Issues that come from condensate lines can quickly become very costly for a homeowner. Following these cleaning steps along with maintaining routine inspections and understanding your HVAC service agreement is vital to prevent problems that may occur with condensate lines. Home watch visits can help prevent issues as well as routine inspections to prevent problems or minimize damage if an issue may occur. 

How to set your Circuit Breaker when gone for the season

Coachella Valley is the vacation destination of many. So popular is the Museum, that many vacationers end up buying a home and living here part-time! However, the responsibilities of those staying at hotels, condos, and rentals are very different than when they put out their welcome mat and call a place home. One of the biggest things Snowbirds must think about before leaving for the season or even a week is their circuit breaker.

Yes, circuit breaker, one of the least visited places in any home. But, when living in a tropical paradise there are many factors, especially in the summer months, such as daily thunderstorms, high humidity, and lots of heat that directly impact the electrical well-being of your house, making this an area of your home you must know well. Therefore, it is important to understand where your circuit breaker is located, ensure it is clearly labeled, and know the best way to set your circuit breaker when you are gone for the season.


How to Find Your Circuit Breaker

The circuit breaker is the nerve center in the home for all things electrical. If you live in a home with a garage, such as a villa or Single-Family home, the circuit breaker is usually located in the garage. 

While, if you live in a condo you will usually find your circuit breaker in the laundry room. Note, these are the two most common places, it can be found. Sometimes in smaller condos, it can be in the master bedroom or the kitchen. However, identifying its location is the easy part.

Labeling your Circuit Breaker

Once you’ve located the circuit breaker, double-check that it’s properly labeled and legible. The county requires that each electrical panel be prominently identified.

Whether it is a hastily written scrawl or simply the erosion of time, take the time to re-label the panel so it is easy to read. It is important to have a marked box to assist you, your home watch professional, or electrical work if ever the need to use the panel arises.

Another useful activity is to double-check that the box is not only properly labeled, but also specified for what should be turned off or left on when they go. Any great house watch service in the Coachella Valley should be able to help you with this when you leave and when you return.

How to set your Circuit Breaker

If you are a seasonal Homeowner or have ever gone for more than a week it is vital to actively take steps to mitigate potential risk to your home while you are away. One of the most important steps you can take is setting your circuit breaker appropriately before you leave. The below is a detailed breakdown of what to leave ON and OFF when gone for the season to help protect your home!

Leave On

Garbage Disposal

The garbage disposal is a powerhouse in the kitchen, think of it as a glorified food processor. The garbage disposal can rust out and non-use can cause them to lock up. Therefore, it is important to keep the Garbage Disposal ON at the circuit breaker for periodic maintenance.

When operating the disposal unit regularly, run cold water down the drain for at least 10 seconds. A homeowner may also use a few techniques to eliminate rust, clean their trash disposal, and keep it clean.

A/C and Air Handler

The two biggest issues in Coachella Valley for seasonal homeowners are water damage and mold. It may seem counterintuitive, but your electrical panel plays a vital role in preventing these issues due to the HVAC unit. The A/C and Air Handler is the main control of humidity in the home, it can remove up to 30 gallons of water a day in the summer! 

As a result, it is critical that you or any of your visitors never switch off the air conditioner or air handler; the money saved will never be worth the stress of arriving home to a mold-infested house! As a result, turn on your air conditioner and air handler at the circuit breaker.

Turn Off

Dryer and Washer

Unlike the refrigerator, the washer and dryer do not suffer technical difficulties if turned OFF/ON. Further, given the frequency of powerful electrical storms in Coachella Valley, sometimes daily in the summer, it is prudent to turn the appliances off while the house is unoccupied. 

Most Home Watch Companies recommend turning the Washer and Dryer OFF at the circuit breaker due to the ease of flipping a switch vs the cumbersomeness of having to get behind the bulky appliances to unplug and plug upon return. Further, it will also save you time when you return as you will be able to control everything from the electrical panel instead of going to each area of the home and manually re-engaging (water heater, garbage disposal, dishwasher, washer/dryer, etc.)

Hot Water Heater

As we said earlier the two biggest issues are water damage and mold. We talked about mold, now for water damage. The main precautionary measure taken to avoid water damage is to simply turn off your main water valve to the home before leaving for the season.  

However, for homeowners with an electric water heater, this can lead to complications if the water heater is not turned off as well. The reason, the water heater is fed water from the main water line to heat and then push throughout the home, but it also uses that water to cool the heating elements found in both the top and bottom of the tank that is doing all that heating in the first place.

Does turning things off at the Circuit Breaker cause wear?

Over time and with usage, the circuit breaker, like any mechanical system, will fail. Furthermore, the circuit breaker is not intended to be used daily.

Periodic usage, on the other hand, is perfectly acceptable for a home circuit breaker.

Contact 760-205-2072 or for more information visit Coachella Valley Home Watch.

How Home Watch Can Protect Your Home This Winter?

During the wintry holiday season, many Coachella Valley’s people can’t wait to escape somewhere warmer. Before Christmas is one of the busiest travel days of the year at the Airport.

So you booked your flight, packed your bags, locked your doors, and set the alarm. You are sure that everything is set, but is it? 

Most homeowners assume that if they have insurance they will be covered for anything that goes wrong in their home while they are away. What many don’t know is that when insurers set their premiums they assume that the house will be consistently occupied. Most insurers can deny coverage for a home that is left empty for 30 days or more.

The type of damage that occurs while the homeowner is away will also make a difference in whether it will be covered by your insurance company. 

According to many policies, water damage caused by freezing of the plumbing system within a heated home will not be covered if you have been away for more than seven consecutive days unless you can show that someone has entered your home every seven days to ensure heating is maintained. some insurers can enforce a four-day limit for unoccupied homes, especially in the winter.

Whether you are spending the winter in a warmer climate or just leaving town for the holiday season, hiring a bonded, licensed, and insured home watch company is a smart move. 

When you hire a home watch company like Coachella Valley Home Watch that carefully documents their home checks, you can sit back, relax and know that you’ve taken steps to avoid costly insurance denials and disputes! And when you return we can ensure that your thermostat is back up to a coming temperature and your fridge is stocked with all of your favorites to welcome you back to Coachella Valley Home Watch!

Contact 760-205-2072 or for more information visit Coachella Valley Home Watch.

What are the benefits of Home Watch Services?

When contemplating whether or not to invest in a home watch service provider for your home or you might find yourself thinking, “Why pay for a service when I can have a neighbor stop in from time to time to check on my home?” But then the “what-if’s” come into play. What if a serious issue arises? What if you need someone to take swift action on your behalf? What if your house has a security breach?

With all the “what-ifs” your property can quickly become an imposition for a neighbor and a significant drain on your bank account. It’s when the “what-ifs” become a reality that it is important to have an experienced home watch service provider on your side.

The best way to attract an accredited, certified house watch service provider significantly outweigh the costs. Whether you live in a single-family or multi-family house, you can get the following benefits:

  • Inspecting for leaks, insect infestations, mold, infestations, and other potential issues
  • Regular visits to your property aiding to prevent or lessen property damage
  • Creating a presence in your home which may deter squatters or intruders
  • Delivering weekly updates with consistent and accurate information during your absence
  • Providing the upkeep and home maintenance of air-conditioning and heating systems
  • Acting as your liaison between contractors, associations, realtors, and virtually anyone that you authorize them to
  • Answering alarm calls and working with local authorities
  • Accessing control to third parties (with permission from the owner)
  • Addressing any problems with landscapers and lawn services to ensure your home doesn’t appear empty
  • Implementing your storm plan

With a home watch service, it is these benefits that will leave you with peace of mind and assurance that one of your greatest investments will be protected and cared for so that when you return home, you enter your humble abode without any surprises.

What is Home Watch? Who and Why do I need Home Watch?

Each year we meet thousands of new residents in Coachella Valley, who come up to us at various local events and ask, what exactly is Home Watch.

Before moving down to California, we too did not know what Home Watch was.

While Home Watch is not new per said, some companies have been around now for almost 27 years! Yet, it is still incredibly informal and unrecognized.

Who needs Home Watch?

As more and more retire, many are seeking to live and maintain more than one household, whether to escape the weather, visit far-flung families, or simply for a change of pace.

Just in Coachella Valley alone, almost 73.7% of the population is seasonal, gone for an average of 7 months at a time!

Beautiful beaches, fantastic winter weather, and the opportunity to be out on the water are all reasons why so many people visit.

But, this is true of many places throughout the country, whether you love the mountains or lakes, skiing on snow or water, we all have a different dream of our ideal lifestyle. Now more and more of us have the financial means to make it a reality.

But, this is true of many places throughout the country, whether you love the mountains or lakes, skiing on snow or water, we all have a different dream of our ideal lifestyle. Now more and more of us have the financial means to make it a reality.

Why do I need Home Watch?

However, when staring up at the heavens we must always remember we still have two feet planted on the ground. A lot can go wrong in a home when you are away for long periods, water damage, property damage, pests, storms, HVAC issues.

Water and HVAC issues account for over half of all incidents in Coachella Valley. Not surprising due to the climate but concerning for other reasons.

If not discovered and treated quickly, HVAC system problems can lead to additional problems, such as mold! Water problems usually refer to leaks and stains, which can cause serious harm to your property if left unattended!

Distinct climates bring with them different dangers. With an average humidity of over 70% throughout the year and mold growth starting at 60% in Coachella Valley, HVAC problems may quickly become dangerous.

What should be checked during a Home Watch visit?

Home Watch the visual inspection of a home or property, looking for obvious issues. Each visit includes a basic check of plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems, as well as the overall condition of the home and property.

Depending on the house type, every visit by a Home Watch Professional will result in a comprehensive interior and exterior inspection of the property. The following are some of the most show the importance of a Home Watch Visit.

  • Monitor for Mold
  • Check the A/C and Condensate Line
  • Check for signs of pests
  • Visually inspecting the landscape, and pool area
  • Visually inspect the walls and ceilings for signs of water damage
  • Check for leaks, moisture, and condensation throughout the home
  • Run the water through every water source in the home
  • Check and verify the temperature and humidity in the home
  • Check any vehicle stored long-term
  • Check the mail and removing any signs of solicitation that give the appearance of a vacant home
  • Visually inspecting the circuit breaker for Power Surges and Power Outages
  • Visually inspecting the major appliances

Is Home Watch a regulated industry?

The answer is no, Home Watch as mentioned is incredibly informal and still has no regulation governing the industry. Therefore, it is imperative to do your due diligence when picking a Home Watch Company to care for your home when you are gone.

Most businesses didn’t have a website, insurance, or even a company license when the sector initially started! Any professional Home Watch Company should now have an official website, customer reviews, and a functional phone number.

When analyzing a possible Home Watch Company, be sure to ask about the following factors:

  1. Honesty Bond
  2. Certificate of Insurance
  3. Local Business License

The purpose of Home Watch Services is to make owning your second home as hassle-free as possible!


Coachella Valley Home Watch’s focus is your home and your peace of mind! This is a sample of items that we check for every home however, what’s important to you is important to us!  We can personalize our checklist to include items of your concern and provide reporting specific to them. If you have special requirements, just let us know! We furnish this facility to citizens from Palm Springs to Indian Wells. (Palm Springs,Cathedral City, Rancho Mirage Palm Desert, Bermuda Dunes and Indian Wells).


Home Watch is an aid that embrace both scrutiny and conversation. A Home Watch service performs itinerary scrutiny of untenanted or vacant tract while the owner is away. These scrutinise entail a basic check of plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems, as well as overall constrain of the home and property.

Here is list of interior and exterior items we include as part of our service. We will inspect the interior of your home for:

  • Security System operation

When a door or window is closed, the two parts of the sensor are joined together, creating a security circuit. When the security system is fitted at the control panel, these sensors communicate with it by circulating that the point of entry is secure. We make sure that your home is fully secured while we are taking care of it, we keep a check on the security system to ensure no accidents happen.

  •  Check and test smoke detectors and Carbon Monoxide

A smoke detector is a device that senses smoke, typically as an indicator of fire. Commercial smoke detectors issue a signal to a fire alarm control panel as part of a fire alarm system, while household smoke detectors, also known as smoke alarms. We provide you with full facility while you are out of town we make sure that no such accidents are caused, we keep ourselves fully prepared for such constrain.

  • Check air conditioning system for operation

While you are out our team make sure that no air conditioner is on as anything can happen so we make sure that no such incidents happen. An air conditioner is a system that is used to cool down a space by removing heat from the space and moving it to some outside area. The cool air can then be moved throughout a building through ventilation.

  • Check garage door openers for proper operation

A garage door opener is a automated device that opens and closes garage doors restrained by switches on the garage wall. Most also include a handheld radio remote control carried by the owner, which can be used to open and close the door from a short distance. The garage door is normally the largest moving object in a home.

How do I prepare my home for a long absence?

How do I prepare my home for a long absence?

If you’re planning for a long absence from your home, hiring a home watch company can be a good idea. This is because home watching services afford you the opportunity of maintaining your home as if you were really present.

Leaving a home vacant for a long time can cause some damages to your property and general wear and tear of certain home facilities.

People vacate their homes for an extended absence for several reasons. Take our own Coachella Valley for example, where the temperature will hit incredibly high levels, often contributing to most residents moving away for prolonged periods during certain months.

Temperature, humidity, pests, and extreme weather come with the climate. If you intend to relocate during these hotter periods, then you must prepare your home for a long absence.

It is important to restate that preparing your home for a long vacation can save you from facing huge repair costs. In fact, the amount you’ll pay for home watch services will be negligible compared to repair costs.

Here are a few tips to prep for a long-term break from your house.

AC Tips

Disregarding the AC on a trip away will contribute to large energy bills. However, some measures will help ease this financial pressure while ensuring that your house isn’t overly humid.

The most significant factor to consider is the duration of your absence. When you leave for an extended period, it is wise to change your thermostat to “switch off your AC” when away.

AC units work at maximum efficiency while running at full capacity, so if the house is left empty for a prolonged time, you will needlessly consume more electricity.

Check with one of our trusted AC technicians for the correct prolonged absence operating plan for your AC.

If you ‘re leaving for a brief vacation, such as a weekend away, you can program your AC to turn on and off so that it operates at a lower speed for lesser periods of time. That would make sure you do n’t get back home to a humid house and reduce the risk of mold and pests.

No matter how long you’re traveling, the following tips will help bring energy costs down.

  • Clean The Air Filters

Dirt is a sure way to ruin the efficiency of the air conditioner. Before you leave, make sure you replace the air filter.

  • Shut down the home

Once you depart for a longer time, ensure you shut all doors, windows, blinds, and curtains. This would mean your house is shielded and shaded from the sun, eliminating energy loss and saving money.

  • Unplug Devices

Disconnecting the appliances decreases the heating and cooling load. Also, objects that are not in use can generate heat over time.

  • Schedule Maintenance

It’s a smart idea to book your annual AC tuning and repairs before you go for your trip.

Plumbing tips

A pipe burst or leakage of water may do serious harm to drywalls, ceilings, hardwood floors, rugs, and possessions. It is advisable to shut off the water source entirely while you are away from home for extended periods. This can be achieved either by turning it off from the street or on the key valve inside your house.

Meanwhile, turning off the water from the street might need assistance from the water company.

Discharge your water pipes (bathroom, kitchen, sinks) by opening all the faucets and flushing all the toilets.

There could be situations where it is not possible to turn off the water. When your home has a steam heating device, a fire sprinkler, full house humidity systems (for artworks, plants), and irrigation systems, all of them can rely on working water supply.

If the water needs to remain on, take action to prevent the pipes from leaking.

  • Switch the water off to the washing machines, dishwashers, and ice makers to prevent corrosion or loss of hoses. Switch off the power source and the energy supply to the hot water heater (if it is different from your boiler / central heating system).

Let the electricity stay on

  • HVAC (heat and cooling devices in the house as well as blowers circulating the air, need electricity). Lighting, alarm systems, timers, etc. require electricity to operate.
  • Unplug all devices that are not in usage. When the refrigerator is unplugged, clean out all moisture and prop the door to avoid mold formation.

Check all home systems

  • Let a certified expert examine HVAC and electrical devices and any issues handled.
  • Installing fresh filters for HVAC.
  • change the batteries on the smoke detector.
  • Replace or remove the dehumidifier filter and ensure the water discharge tubes are unblocked
  • Verify that the backup generator is checked and serviced
  • Hire an expert to check the roof and clear any leaves and dirt from the gutters.

Stop unneeded subscription, services, and deliveries

  • Deactivate or forward your mail so that spam mail will not build up, and your bills meet you in a timely way. Most utility companies and financial institutions also provide online account access and internet payment.
  • Stop excessive subscription systems that can include many items as newspapers or drinking water.

Rodent, insects, and spider prevention

  • Ensure there are no empty spaces around the doors, the base.
  • Check for gaps in weather stripping because insects and rodents can squeeze through very small spaces
  • Tidy up any leaves or debris which would make a place for insects to nest around the exterior of the house.
  • Ensure the flue at the fireplace is shut.
  • Get Chimney(s) checked for birds or other animals. The chimney needs to be sealed with a chimney cap.


Hire a home watch service

While all these might seem like a long list of To-do’s, you can hire professional home watchers to prepare your home for long vacations. Coachella Valley Home Watch Services covers all the above-listed things.

One big advantage of hiring Our team is that we’ll do an extensive prep for your home and make sure everything is in the right order even in your absence. This will save you time and energy. Also, your home will be ready to take you back when you are ready to return.

Coachella Valley Home Watch’s focus is your home and your peace of mind! This is a sample of items that we check for every home however, what’s important to you is important to us!  We can customize our checklist to include items of your concern and provide reporting specific to them.

Coachella Valley Home Watch serves all of the Valley cities, including Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert, La Quinta, Indio, and Indian Wells.

We are the best home watch service in the Coachella Valley and we take pride on focusing on things like Internal and external security, Checking on all aspects of your home, both inside the house and outside, and providing concierge services like starting vehicles, package delivery and preparing your home for occupancy after a lengthy absence.

Call us today to find out how we can help you


Should I Leave My Curtains Open or Closed When Away

Should I Leave My Curtains Open or Closed When Away

It goes without saying that you need to keep your home safe when you go away on holidays or leave your house for extended periods. The big question is – how to leave your curtains when away? In fact, this topic is very debatable. People can leave their curtains either open, half-open or closed.

The reality is, the vast majority of people choose to close their curtains before they leave on vacation or keep them closed at their second home when not occupied. According to their opinions, closed curtains don’t allow burglars to see if there is someone inside your house. And of course, this will deter burglars.

On the other hand, there are so many homeowners who prefer to keep their curtains open when they are away. They believe that it’s not a good idea to close curtains because your friends, relatives, neighbors, or the police can’t see what’s happening inside. It’s also important to note that closed curtains often mean that no one is at home.

Curtains – closed or open?

Clearly, the situations are different and, therefore, they require different decisions to be made. However, the choice is up to you and it largely depends on the way you choose to secure your house and time when you plan to go away. Now, let’s take a closer look at the question from the security point of view and try to come up with the answer.

You don’t need to keep your curtains closed while you are away if you prefer to use a smart home security system to protect your living environment from burglars.

Update your security systems

It’s important to know that the modern home security systems come with indoor security cameras, outdoor security cameras, and video doorbells. If you use a Home watching service, then you can rely on them to see what is happening inside your house. You as the owner can also see on your phone anytime, from whenever you want. You can call the police anytime if such a need arises.

Additionally, a professional home security system comes with motion sensors, lights, smoke detectors, water sensors, door/window sensors, smart locks and alarms. And of course, such components help homeowners increase the security of their properties dramatically.

It’s not recommended to make significant changes to your house exterior before you go on vacation.

Let’s say that you usually don’t close curtains when you stay at home. If so, you shouldn’t close the curtains when you are away as well. Keep in mind that your house may attract the attention of burglars if choose to close curtains and will not open them for several weeks.

We all know that people tend to leave their curtains closed due to hot and bright sun, especially in the Coachella Valley. Bear in mind that you shouldn’t open curtains when leaving your house if you usually prefer to keep them closed.

Is it possible to see expensive items (computers, TV, sound systems) from your window? Is there easy access from the street to peer into your house? If so, it would be better to keep curtains closed. In this case, burglars will see your valuables and they will not be tempted to get into your house.

Keeping the curtains open

People tend to keep curtains open during a day and close curtains when they leave a house. However, your house should never look unoccupied even if the property is empty. That’s the reason why you have to leave your curtains open when you go away in the morning.

On the other hand, people usually close curtains in the evening to block light at night. Also, they don’t want somebody to see them in windows at night. It’s fair to say that curtains offer more privacy to homeowners and provide them with a spacious feeling at night time. That means that you should close your curtains if you are planning to leave your house in the evening or at night. If curtains are open at night, then it’s most likely that there is nobody in a house. And of course, burglars know about this.

Ideally, you should have your curtains both open and closed. So, you can ask someone to look after your property when the house is vacant. This can be your relative, close friend, colleague, etc. The problem with asking these people is that if you have a lengthy absence, it can be a tedious task… unless you use a respectable Home watch service.

There is no doubt that this type of activity will deter burglars and stop them from doing a crime.

When you have nobody, who you can trust, then you can take advantage of professional home watching services. You need to know that home watch service is a solution for the owners of unoccupied properties.

Are you a traveler, who has to leave your property due to business or vacations? Do you get your property repaired and that’s why it’s empty now? Or, maybe, you are going to sell an unoccupied property? One way or another, you need to ask home watchers to care for your home while you are away.

If you use home watch services, you can rest assured that your house will be in the right hands and it will not look unoccupied. When using home watching service, you can ask professionals like Coachella Valley Home Watch to maintain a presence in and around your property.

Additionally, home watch specialists will do a number of inspections to ensure that your home is secure when you are away. Home watch professionals will check your house for all types of problems such as flooding, moisture problems, leaking pipes, plumbing issues, etc. Plus, professionals will check that all of doors and windows in your house are locked, refrigerators as well as heater and air conditioner function properly and so on.

On top of that, home watchers will water flowers in your house, check your mail and do removal of newsletters for you. Would you like to start your cars? No problem, home watchers can help you with that too! If any issues have been found during a home watch inspection, we’ll contact you immediately. We can handle the issue in your house if you wish.

If you would like to learn more how you can use our home watching services to keep your home safe, contact us today! We are always looking forward to helping you with any of your home watch needs!