Do you find yourself travelling more often than staying home? Leaving your property alone can impose many risks. 

You never know what could happen when you are not at home, from maintenance issues to robbery! 

Hiring professionals to look after your home while you’re not around will protect your belongings from damage. In this article, we will give you tips on how you can manage your home when you’re not around:

Set up a Support System to Handle Maintenance and Respond to Emergencies

Before you leave, make sure to set up a support system to handle maintenance in your home and respond to emergencies. 

You can ask a friend or a handyperson to handle repairs if they come up. Also, you can request a neighbor to check in on your house now and then to make sure everything’s okay.

However, makes sure you remember who you ask to do what and when. 

Sometimes, keeping track of multiple different people when you are not around can be a hassle–especially over an extended period. 

Alternatively, when you hire ONE professional home watch service to look after your home, you will never need to contact us, we will take care of everything and send you a daily update.

Professional home service providers are also trained to maintain your property in top condition. They can easily identify problems and address them before causing serious damage to your property. 

They will do exterior and interior inspections, checking everything from your roof to the pool.

Create a System to Handle Your Mail, Phone, and Newspaper while you’re Away

You should figure out how to handle your mail, phone calls, and newspaper while you’re away. 

If you still get a printed newspaper, you can simply ask them to stop deliveries for a while, so don’t come home to a pile of weather-damaged paper.

Also, you can change your mailing address to an alternate delivery location, notify everyone that you’re not receiving mail at the moment, or ask a neighbor to stop by and grab it for you. Furthermore, this will prevent burglars from stealing packages off your porch.  

For your convenience, estate management in Coachella Valley Home Watch offers concierge services that include shipment pickups and even home preparation for your return. 

Looking for Home Watch Service in Coachella Valley?

At Coachella Valley Home Watch, we offer professional home watch services so you can leave your home in peace.

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