Home Watch is a service that a business or person offers by visually examining your vacant assets or home, each externally and internally, on an ordinary foundation to save you considerable natural or human-made harm while you’re away.

If you own a vacation or part-time home in Palm Desert, CA, you will take benefit from a home watch to give you the peace of mind you crave at your escape destination. 

This service is prevalent in popular tourist destinations with a heavy seasonal population, such as locales with a high percentage of part-time residents in Coachella Valley, Palm Springs, California, and many others.

Types Of Home Watch Providers

Neighbors Doing Favors 

Many human beings depend on the kindness of associates to ‘preserve a watch on their excursions or part-time residences. While the sentiment is lovely, you have to be careful approximately feeling stable in this situation.

Your neighbors surely mean well, but they are not equipped to properly and thoroughly survey your property. They don’t have specific training, scheduling, and checklists, and they certainly are not insured to complete the tasks you ask of them, which could you leave liable for any injury.

Also, do not forget that your neighbors go on vacation too! Or perhaps your neighbors are vacation homeowners just like you. 

Sure, borrow a cup of sugar from your lovely neighbors, but leave the safety of your home to the professionals.

Hobby Home Watchers 

This genre of home watchers usually starts with ‘neighbors doing favors’ – a person who enables our neighbors after which realizes it is able to be a beneficial facet gig.

They start by taking on more customers, and they may believe that they are now running a legitimate Home Watch company.

However, they usually don’t set up a business and the vast majority don’t have insurance. 

They fly solo without any training. How can they increase their knowledge and skill level without connecting with others in the field? How will they watch over your property properly? You can’t know, and you can’t take the risks. 


Choose a reliable professional provider for house watch in Palm Desert, CA, to give you the peace of mind that your property remains safe from natural and mechanical.

Always entrust this responsibility to an experienced, professional service, such as Coachella Valley Home Watch.

We are equipped with an expert and trained team of specialists diligently assessing your property and reporting to you about its status.

Get in touch with us at (760) 205-2072.

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